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Talking Dragon Sword Product Manual

*Do not leave this toy in a hot car in the sun or it will be damaged*


You can activate the dragon sword by pressing the button on the backside of the handle towards the hilt. You can double press the button quickly to cycle to the next randomly generated voice line without delay after one voice line finishes. Pressing the button during a saying will override the current saying and generate a new one. There may be a slight delay as the sound module is generating the random response. If you grip the sword with 1 hand, you can activate the button with the middle of your index finger. 

Sometimes the button can get a bit stuck. Try rubbing the trigger button and pressing hard after the click. This should reset the activation button. 


Turn the sheathe into a dice tower by taking out the inserts in the blade and stick them into the slots on the back of the sheathe. The sheathe tip can be remove and turned into a stand that props up the dice tower.

The pommel of the sword can be twisted counter clockwise and removed. This will reveal the sound module which can be pulled out of the handle. 


The sound module has a ON and OFF button. Use it to reset the module if there are any errors. Please be careful around the switch because it it fragile and can break. If it breaks you will have to use a needle tip to flip the switch.

The USB C plug can be used to connect the sound module to your computer, treat it as a USB thumb drive. You can charge the sound module with any standard USB port. If your computer does not recognize the USB device, try unplugging and replugging or turning the module off and on.  


To replace the sound files simply delete the old folder or files and replace it with your own sound files (mp3). If you put files into the drive without a folder there will be a limit of about 130 files. However if you put it into a folder in the drive there won't be a limit. The sound module has a randomizer chip built in, the sound files cannot play in order. It does not matter if you put the files in folders on the drive or not.  


If you notice that the memory is less than 8 mb or has an error with uploading, you must reformat the sound module to file system: FAT (default). There should be enough memory for 200+ voice lines of standard sound quality at around 3 to 5 seconds per line. If your USB keeps disconnecting from the computer: charge it separately for a while, then try again.

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