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Hammer Dice Tower Product Manual

Hammer Dice Tower Assembly

*Note* If the hammer lid / tray is difficult to open, it will loosen over time. Sometimes the dice may exit the hole too quickly and fly off the table. You can add a piece of tape at the exit to act as a stopping flap. 

​Initiative Tracker Upgrade

*Note* The guard piece may be tight, but it is not glued on. It is threaded and can come off the handle. You may use some lubricant on the threads if it is too tight. You can also try and lightly sand the threads on the handle to make it a looser fit. 

The long handle has a new texture design that allows you to clip the initiative tracker flag holders in equal spacing. Each section allows for 2 clips which face left and right. You can spin these around as you reorder the flags or if you wish to use status rings. Please remove the initiative tracker holder clips from the handle after each session, if left on for days, it may loosen the clip. 

How to stash your accessories

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