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Crossbow Dice Roller Product Manual

The original crossbow dice roller by Munnygrubbers®. 


*Do not leave this in a hot car in the summer or else it will warp.*

This crossbow comes partly assembled, you just need to put together a few pieces. Please refer to the video on how to do it. If any parts becomes loose you may glue it in place with super glue.

The spare paper for the shooting buffer may be black or white. You may draw a target on the white paper if you choose. You can also use any standard sized printer paper and fold it in half to use as the shooting buffer. 

The crossbow was designed to roll dice. Please do not change the rubberbands or the parts may become damaged, it will also void the return and replacement policy. Please do not use any other projectiles or aim it at other people, it may injure them. 

Adding the custom name plate

Rubberband for Trigger

Loading a D20

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