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Catapult Dice Roller Product Manual

This catapult dice thrower comes unassembled. It is designed to be easily dismantled and stashed away. Note the rubber band placement for the catapult arm, it wraps around the bottom beam and goes forwards towards the notched clip. 
Please follow the image and video below for assembly instructions. The troubleshooting guide is below as well.

Updated Tray Stand Design

catapult tray stand new.JPG


If your wooden dowel is a bit too tight when inserting into the tray:

  1. The wooden dowels may absorb moisture in the air and expand slightly, making it tighter to fit into the tray. You can attempt to sand the edges of tip of the dowel so it fits better. Future design changes will account for this. 

If your dice is bouncing off the cloth and not falling into the tray:

  1. You can adjust the power of the catapult by seating the rubberbands (one or both) on the notches. The power adjustment will allow you to roll your light weight or heavy dices more consistently.

  2. You can stretch the cloth dice catcher a bit so there is more slack and doesn't bounce the dice and not fall into the tray.

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