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Mystic Conch Shell V4+ Product Manual


Demonstration Video

Troubleshooting Guide

1: String no longer retracts:
Your string came off the pulley retraction mechanism. Please refer to the video below on how to repair it. When reassembling make sure to push the sound module all the way in. There is a ridge inside the conch that locks into the lip of the module, it will click into place. 

2: No sound when activated:
Try removing the battery, wiping it down and putting them back in. Sometimes the sound module may just need a reset. If that doesn't work, try replacing the batteries with 3x AG13 button cell batteries. You can also give the shell a quick smack, beating up electronics usually works.

3: The conch is looping the same sound:
Do not release the pull string and let it go back, the sudden vibration can temporary disconnect the batteries and reset the sound module. This only affects some of the sound modules.
Your activation button may be stuck, try gently nudging it upwards with a screw driver or thin tool. Try not to use too much force or else it will be damaged.

4: Hair like strings on conch:
We do standard quality control, but sometimes we may miss some. The stringing is from the manufacturing process and can easily be removed. You can use a lighter to quickly pass through the area so the stringy bits will shrivel up. However, do not let the flames hit the body for too long or else it will melt it. 

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