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• Are you an indecisive person or want to know your future? This highly intelligent AI can calculate the most probable future outcome by utilizing its state of the art organic potato battery as a power source. 

• The Super Powerful Universe Decoder is a extremely sassy decision maker / fortune teller; It's much more sassy than the Mystic Conch Shell so prepare to get roasted by a potato. Fun for social gatherings and a perfect gift idea made for adults and teens ages 13+.

• Ask it a YES or NO question and it will respond with what it believes to be the best course of action. Sometimes it will reply with various neutral thoughts.  Let it control your life with 40+ unique and randomized voice lines.

• The red push button is used to activate the Super Powerful Universe Decoder.

• This toy contains 3 x Ag10 Batteries that can be replaced. It is 3D printed with PLA plastic and is manufactured in the USA. Printed quality may vary, handle with care.



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