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• This number track will allow you to track values for your board games or tabletop RPG. It can be linked together to become a dashboard. You can also use it to track various things such as razor blade or earplug usage before having to change it out.

• This package includes 5 number trackers and comes unassembled. Assembly is easy and intuitive, everything is snap fit. Make sure the numbers are all front facing before snapping in all the parts, it may be difficult to take apart.

• The package will include a random set of 7PC D20 dice and 10 cards to write down the values you wish to track. The card slot should fit any standard sized business card.

• The dials lock when you turn it to each number. You can track values up to 999.

• If anything breaks please contact us within 30 days for replacements. Designed and 3D printed by MunnyGrubbers in the USA.

Number Tracker

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