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• The Mystic Conch Shell V5 features a blank slate for you to upload any sound file you desire. The sound module will only play sounds randomly with its built in randomizer. With enough memory to upload up to 200+ sound files, its the perfect DYI toy to surprise your friends and family. 
• Are you an indecisive person or want to know your future? This magical conch shell knows what is the best course of action. 
• The Mystic Conch Shell is a sassy decision maker / fortune teller. Fun for social gatherings and a perfect gift idea made for adults and teens ages 13+. 
• Ask it a YES or NO question and pull the string for a random positive or negative response. Sometimes it will reply with various neutral thoughts. Let it control your life.
• Pull the string with enough force for you to hear or feel the *click* trigger. This will activate the toy for a voice response.
• If there is no sound or is too quiet, try charging the batteries with the included USB C cable. You can twist the cap off with a counter clockwise motion and unscrew the battery compartment. Some stringing may exists from the 3d printing manufacturing process and can easily be removed by quickly passing a lighter through the area. This product is designed and 3D printed by MunnyGrubbers in the USA.

Mystic Conch Shell V5

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