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• Are you an indecisive person or want to know your future? This magical conch shell knows what is the best course of action. 

• The Mystic Conch Shell is a sassy decision maker / fortune teller. Fun for social gatherings and a perfect gift idea made for adults and teens ages 13+. There are 90+ unique and funny voice 
lines. This toy is a non-canon parody of the magic conch shell with many non-original lines, jokes and references.

• Ask it a YES or NO question and pull the string for a random positive or negative response. Sometimes it will reply with various neutral thoughts. Let it control your life.

• Pull the string with enough force for you to hear or feel the *click* trigger. This will activate the toy for a voice response.

• If there is no sound or is too quiet, try replacing the batteries in the toy with three "AG13" or "LR44" button cell batteries. You can twist the cap off with a counter clockwise motion and unscrew the battery compartment. Some stringing may exists from the 3d printing manufacturing process and can easily be removed by quickly passing a lighter through the area. This product is designed and 3D printed by MunnyGrubbers in the USA.

Mystic Conch Shell V4+

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