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• Includes Random 7PCS D20 Dice Set

• Bored of standard dice rolling? This unique crossbow is a functional dice roller. It can hold up to 1 set of standard sized polyhedral dices. 

• The loading mechanism allows you to lock the catch with 1 swift motion. Use the trigger to release the dice.

• It is recommended to aim the crossbow slightly downwards towards a table top. Use the included table top shield to catch the dice so it doesn't roll off the table. You may also use the packaging box or generic box as the dice catcher.

• Please do not change the rubberband, it may damage the toy. 

• This item is hefty but be aware that the product is 3D printed and should still be handled with care. We have a 30 day hassle free return policy. If anything breaks, please contact us for replacement parts or you may return it. Designed and 3D printed by MunnyGrubbers in the USA.

• The original crossbow dice roller by Munnygrubbers®. Our trade dress includes the overall shape, design, look, feel, included accessories, and distinctive packaging combinations protected under common law and the Lanham Act 15 U.S.C. § 1125(a). This protection extends to 3D models, whether free or paid. We reserve the right to enforce our trade dress at any time without warning and at our discretion for all damages. Lack of notice does not imply a waiver of our rights.

Crossbow Dice Roller

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