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• Includes Random 7PCS D20 Dice Set

• This catapult dice thrower is a fun way to roll your dice. It comes with a random set of dice.

• The catapult can be assembled or disassembled easily and stored inside the tray with a set of dice.

• The cloth used to catch the dice is a interesting art piece that provides a siege scene. The scene can be rotated on the wooden dowel to see more of it. You can use the cloth to wrap around the tray with the included rubber band to secure all inside components.

• Please do not use stronger rubberbands or that may damage the toy and void the return policy.

•This item is hefty but be aware that the product is 3D printed and should still be handled with care. We have a 30 day hassle free return policy. If anything breaks, please contact us for replacement parts or you may return it. Designed and 3D printed by MunnyGrubbers in the USA.

Catapult Dice Roller

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