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• The eye color is completely random for every option. 

• This dragon sword can speak. Ask it a yes or no question and press the button for a positive, negative, or neutral response. With 200 unique lines, it is tons of fun for indecisive parties or for general mischief, let it be your decision maker for any situation. 

• Turn the sheathe into a dice tower by removing the sheathe tip and using it to prop up the sheathe. Take out the 3 tabs in the blade and insert it into the 3 slots in the sheathe. 

• Store a set of 7 dices in the blade's puzzle slots. Please visit the product manual section to see how to arrange the dices into the slots. The sheathe is designed with an auto locking mechanism, make sure to insert the blade the correct way. 

• The custom USB upload module allows you to replace the sound files with anything you want. Check out our voice pack catalog on our site; we will update this regularly. It can be recharged by unlocking the pommel and taking out the sound module. Plug it with the included USB C cable, and the light will glow red until it finishes charging. 

• Please contact support for any issues with the product. Designed and Manufactured by MunnyGrubbers®.

Talking Dragon Sword

PriceFrom $49.95
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