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Sword Dagger Dice Holder (Obsidian)

Sword Dagger Dice Holder (Obsidian)

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  • Includes Random 7PCS D20 Dice Set
  • This sword style dice holder allows you to hold up to 2 sets (14 total) of polyhedral dice. They are designed to fit standard sized DnD dice sets (d20 up to 22 mm), do not try to force larger non-standard sized size into the slots, it may become stuck.
  • Pull the sheathe open with some force to open the auto locking mechanism
  • When you remove the sheathe, it will reveals 7 slots for storing the dice.
  • The pommel can be unscrewed to reveal another hidden compartment to store 7 more dice.
  • The perfect gift for anyone.
  • Designed and 3D printed by MunnyGrubbers in the USA
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