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Castle Dice Popper V2

Castle Dice Popper V2

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  • Dice is not included. Rolls up to 5 dice at a time. The storage Compartment can store up to 21 dice. 
  • You can slam roll or use the lever to roll the dice with its spring loaded action. Both mechanisms are satisfying. Designed for quick loading and unloading of dice.
  • This dice popper keeps your precious dice sets clean and from rolling off table. It also allows you to roll dice without a table top.
  • The castle design is an interesting background display piece and can add additional immersion for your campaign.
  • Don't pull the lever all the way down or else the dice may fly out of the loader. This dice popper can roll up to 5 normal sized dice.
  • Avoid using heavy dices as it may damage the dome with repeated impact.
  • Designed and 3D printed by MunnyGrubbers in the USA
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